Pronounced: Sarkness Soft Solutions

Sarknasoft Solutions, LLC is an IT Company specializing in Microsoft technology products including Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, Windows Vista, SQL Server 2005/2008 and many more.

Technological advancements continue at a rapid pace - affecting every facet of doing business.  Knowledge is power and takes on a new meaning and challenge. Information Technology (IT) now becomes an integral and necessary part of a firm’s core competency and is the foundation of maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage. Nothing less than a well structured and effectively managed (IT) program will suffice in today's market place.

Are you a firm that -
* Is interested in exploring the benefits of a professionally structured system?
* Realizes that any current system must be constantly updated and reformatted to meet  changing business challenges?
* Needs to expand a current system given market shifts and restructuring strategies?
* Not familiar with current technology and how it can be of benefit?

Sarknasoft Solutions has the expertise and experience to assist you in these decisions. We are confident that our project management techniques and expertise will result in tangible benefits.

Sarknasoft has entered into the Microsoft Empower program. More details can be attained here.